Should the term ‘landlord’ be cancelled?

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Perhaps individuals who ‘lord land’ must up their game. As a group, how does this group convince others of their past trials, traumas and tribulations, in order to gain ‘cred’. Let’s not forget, in the past landlords suffered greatly. The upbringing included horrific scars and bruises, until LLs came to a point where they.

Fast forward to the present where those who manage and own are nothing more benevolent and sanguine.

Of course, the set up for today’s article is fabricated. Still, like everything else, words mean different things to different people.

The following article from last year makes a strong case that the term ‘vilifies’ property owners.

Still, it is something to consider.

Are we privileged? Probably.

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Should we do more to help those who are non ‘lords’? Absolutely!

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