burglar breaking into house or rental property

Technology prevented a landlord’s house from burglary, literally

burglar breaking into house or rental property
TheDigitalWay / Pixabay

One of my favorite themes deals with technology for landlords.

In this example, the “Ring” doorbell app discouraged burglars ‘in the act.’

Certainly absentee- or long-distance landlords holding vacant property may find this small app useful for other applications as well. Specifically:

a. Viewing conditions in the neighborhood in real-time, and especially personal property located within viewing range

b. Verifying contractors or other deliveries to the home

c. Checking the credentials of an unknown person by asking them questions in real time.

d. Monitoring the landscaping in front of the house (to what extent your lawn is satisfactorily mowed, watered, etc.)

Concerns with Technology

Baron Property Management strongly advises landlords not use any home technology with occupied properties. In this case of a doorbell camera which is in the exterior of the house, this type of surveillance would be unethical with tenants involved. There are indeed not only privacy considerations, but also landlords may be breaching tenants rights of exclusive access to the home and creating a legal cause of action by the tenant.

Strong Buy on voice-activated doorbells for the absentee landlord. (Security, Safety)

Buy on voice-activated doorbells as a tenant feature. (Some services require a monthly service fee. Some tenants will like the idea of using voice and video to ‘screen’ guests before they enter)

As such, for any/all devices which can be remotely activated Baron recommends:

i. Full disclosure of all devices, explicitly, with the tenant in the lease.

ii. Transferring the remote capabilities of these devices to the tenant–so that they are the sole operators– one the lease is signed. Disconnect or remove any devices tenant elects not to accept.

iii. Provide training to the tenant, if necessary so that they understand the capabilities if they so choose.

iv. Ensure tenants are financially responsible for any monthly fees, and also any damages caused should they be damaged or missing.

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