Effective Remote Property Management

Rental house in hand with repair, internet, tenant, and other property management icons
mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

It is a great time for property owners! This blog is dedicated to landlords desiring to make their lives easier with remote property management.

What are some of the headaches managing properties?

Dealing with the tenants would rank high on that list. Also, a close second might be appropriately responding to urgent property issues — cost/benefit of rental upkeep (ROI), finding the correct professionals to address your specific needs, and finally leveraging new technology to streamline landlording.

This last point is what Baron Property Management terms as ‘remote property management’.  If you are overseas or right next door, it is possible to effectively manage your rental as good as any real estate professional.

Upcoming blog posts highlight many of these tools and techniques, which you can accomplish yourself, with surprising ease.

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