Traditional ‘month to month’ property management




Traditional Property Management

Property is occupied.

*The term for Traditional Property Management remains 100% customizable, from 1 month or more months. Baron strives to create a self-sustaining model in order that the owner can manage with little, or no need for property management. Of course, long-term management may continue as long as required.

A Baton specialist will reach out to the tenant to convey new management agreement.

  • The existing lease remains valid, with and addendum noting Baron as property manager setting up theĀ  tenant’s point of contact to Baron (or Landlord if preferred) for property maintenance/repairs, rent collection, term lease renewals and collections.


  • annual tax statement (1099-Misc)
  • periodic visual inspections including a comprehensive report with interior and exterior photos. Written property ‘room-by-room’ Inspection reports verified between Baron and tenant.
  • Offering tenant lease renewals 30 or 60 days prior to termination date.
  • If required, redirecting cash/check payment to Zelle, Paypal or Venmo.
  • If applicable, working with HOA, Building Manager, City or other entities during tenancy.
  • **When repairs are required, verify first with owner regarding nature, extent and prices before commencing. Oversee the satisfactory completion of the repairs.

Landlord would be responsible to pay for repairs (unless owner already has a home warranty).

Landlord will pay Baton the monthly fee.

Note: This service may be customized further to include hand-over to real estate agent once work is completed, or other services which are not mentioned. Please inquire with Baron Property Management to obtain a complete listing of options.