Remodel – Renovate – up to 4 months




Remodel/ Prepare House for Sale or Renovate prior to New Tenant placement

Property is not occupied. Requires 1-4 weeks of remodeling. Overseeing the work of vendors to ensure on-task, no cost overruns.

This is a specialized service. A Baton specialist will be at the site from beginning to end providing updated progress reports until a satisfactory completion.

  • Lockbox Service. Limiting access to property.
  • Daily or Weekly Reporting with photos, updates from contractors via YouTube or other media platform.
  • Reviewing/Approving work completion.
  • Working with HOA, City or other entities during remodel.
  • Once remodel/renovation is complete, placement services (above) for new tenant

Landlord would be responsible to pay construction workers during this phase. Baton will oversee the work, provide updates, and ensure work is complete according to contract.

Note: This service may be customized further to include hand-over to real estate agent once work is completed, or other services which are not mentioned. Please inquire with Baron Property Management to obtain a complete listing of options.


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