Emergency-Short Term Property Management

Need to hand-off your rental, but only require a professional for a limited duration? If so, Baron Property Management delivers reliable on-site service for up to four months or until a replacement arrangement is located.

Unlike conventional property management, Baron performs only ‘task-based’ property management.

Properties, like people, have secret lives.  Intimate knowledge goes beyond making ready and collecting rent. During abrupt transition periods when you are not able to manage this asset yourself, Baron steps in to perform short-term care.


  • listens and responds to your custom requirement(s),
  • creates a thorough property assessment after reaching out to all parties and personally visiting the site,
  • resolves tenant issues, and;
  • oversees-supervise any required renovations.

Baron provides immediate on-demand, on-site service. Afterwards the property returns back to you. Baron specializes in single-family detached residences.

Our managers employ a balance of smart-home technology and in-person service to manage rental properties. There are few substitutes for ‘feet-on-ground’.  However, in-person/onsite care combined new technology allows Baron to more effectively hand the property back to the remote landlord professionally and responsibly.

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Baron Property Management

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